I'm using WebDriver.io to create tests. In the Docs getSource doesn't support native apps.

Get source code of the page. This command won’t work in mobile environments for native apps. If you are running hybrid tests make sure that you are in the webview before calling this command.

For now, I use "client.source()" link which return the XML but can take up to 20 sec.

How can I get the layout XML from webDriver.io?

  • This isn't a common question in the WDIO scene, but I think you might have more success asking directly on their Official WebdriverIO Gitter channel. I've found a lot of answers to obscure questions there. Also the framework's creator is very active there. Ask him directly via @christian-bromann. – iamdanchiv Nov 21 '17 at 10:37

You are doing it the right way. Alternatively you can try the WD.js client and check if performance will be better with than the other one, or simply open an issue report on the WebdriverIO Github page.

The reason of why it may take so long:

  • UI of the app is constantly updating => Appium is hanging for a bit to retrieve it;
  • Lots of elements on your app page => leads to a big .xml file.

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