I need to write a test to check if the parent to a div has a specific class, in this case "parent".

I have this code:

<div class="parent">
   <div id="child"></div>

What I have tried:


But I get the following error and have no idea how to continue..

.getWebElement(...).getDriver(...).getText is not a function

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You aren't getting the parent properly. It's easiest to do this with xpath:


In this example, by.xpath('..') should select the parent element.

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You can tweak your code as:

let child = element(by.id('child')).getWebElement();
let parent = child.getDriver().findElement(by.tagName('div'));

getAttribute() will not work with getDriver() directly since it returns browser object.


If you don't want to use xpath you can for example revert the logic.

element(by.css('div.parent > div[id="child"]'))

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