In CMake, assuming one is just setting one property, is there any difference between

set_target_properties(target PROPERTIES prop value)


set_property(TARGET target PROPERTY prop value)


Cf documentation at:

which imply there is no difference but aren't that clear.

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Consider set_target_properties() as a specialized form of set_property().

Advantages of ...

  • set_target_properties(...) is a convenience function because it allows to set multiple properties of multiple targets.

    For example:

    add_executable(a ...)
    add_executable(b ...)
            FOLDER          "Executable"
  • set_property(TARGET ...) can APPEND to a list- or APPEND_STRING to a string-based property of targets.

    For example:

    add_executable(a ...)
        TARGET a


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    set_property supports multiple targets too: set_property(TARGET a b c ...) Commented Jun 24, 2020 at 13:47
  • @NikitaNemkin Any practical example is welcome.
    – John
    Commented Sep 29, 2022 at 4:06

The difference is that with set_property, you get to define the scope. You actually have more options with the set_property other than just specifying a target, such as specifying source files in a list to have a certain property.

For example:

set_property(SOURCE src1.cpp src2.cpp PROPERTY SKIP_AUTOMOC ...)

This will add the SKIP_AUTOMOC property to source files listed. (This is for Qt, where Moc'ing of objects occurs automatically and sometimes you don't want that).

Contrast with set_target_properties where you must specify a Target and the property and it's value.

set_target_properties(target PROPERTIES CXX_STANDARD 11 ...)

Hopefully this helps!


Note that you also have respective set_*_properties functions for some of the other types of properties: set_source_files_properties, set_directory_properties and set_tests_properties. Notably absent are setters for install and global properties.

The reason for that is that these functions predate the general set_property call, which was only introduced with CMake 2.6, together with a general overhaul of the property system to what it is today.

These days, people tend to prefer the generic set_property, as it is the more modern function and provides a few additional features. It also offers a more consistent syntax than the old functions (eg. set_directory_properties not allowing to specify the directory as a parameter, set_source_files vs set_directory, etc.).

There is not a strong technical reason for preferring set_property, but I would consider it slightly better style than using the old, specific functions.

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