I've started to experience a problem with Xcode 9.1(9B55). On my last archive to submit to the app store, it is now complaining about the 1024x1024 app store icon on my WatchKit app.

Even tho I have added the correct iphone weeks ago, and has been working for every other submit.

I have deleted the app icon,re-added; even created a new png version to see if it was a transparency issue. Nothing will work, it keeps saying I am missing it.

I've even gone ahead and deleted the AppIcon which stores all sizes, and redid the whole thing.

Every size warning disappears when I add the icon, except 1024x1024.

What am I missing here, could this be a Xcode 9 bug?

Missing App Store Icon - WatchOS Apps must include a 1024x1024px App Store Icon in PNG format. Without providing the icon in the Asset Catalog or via iTunes Connect, apps cannot be submitted for App Review or Beta App Review. Refer to https://developer.apple.com/watchos/human-interface-guidelines/icons-and-images/home-screen-icons/ for more information.1

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    Can you post a screenshot of your AppIcons.xcassets file in Xcode? Nov 21, 2017 at 16:15

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After reading the release notes of Xcode 9.1, it seems this is a known issue.

  • Known Issues
    • WatchKit App Store icons in the asset catalog are not uploaded when using Xcode to submit an app to the App Store. (33383969)
      • Workaround: Use the iTunes Connect web app to upload WatchKit App Store icons.

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