I can not update or upgrade my computer by terminal. Show the error message E: Error reading the CPU table. how can I fix it ?


In my case some file system corruption caused files in the directory /usr/share/dpkg/ and the file /usr/share/dpkg/cputable wasn't found

to be deleted, concurrent access during some other operation?

  • rsync / copying ( in my case rsync'ing ) from a known good installation appears to have fixed this particular problem
  • possible alternative boot from a livecd and mount the target disk and copy

The command strace apt update showed the location of the missing file

  • I have copied the cputable file from other server and pasted in /usr/share/dpkg/. It worked. – user1628121 Apr 14 at 11:20

In My case I have faced with corrupted dpkg installation and at the end it ended up with “E: Error reading the CPU table” even I enter sudo apt-get update

Step to fix it.

1) Create tempory location for dpkg and download relavent .deb file

 sudo mkdir /tmp/dpkg then

 cd tmp/dpkg

2) Downlod .deb file with relavent .deb file in http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/d/dpkg/

sudo wget http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/d/dpkg/dpkg_1.19.0.5ubuntu5.1_amd64.deb

3) Manually go to that downloaded directory and extract the .deb file(GDebi installation might not work as well)

Navigate to <Your_Extracted_Folder>/usr/share/dpkg and now you can see the set of files with cputable file. We need to copy these files to /usr/share/dpkg

4) Check /usr/share/ having dpkg folder if not create it with

sudo mkdir /usr/share/dpkg

5) cd <Your_Extracted_Folder>/usr/share/dpkg

6) sudo cp * /usr/share/dpkg Now you can see all the files and it will fix the “E: Error reading the CPU table”

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