I REALLY like being able to use my local development tools for everything (which is why I'm using Vagrant to begin with), but I still want to run tests and builds on the Vagrant box. I can do everything manually with vagrant ssh, or I can use commands like these to run things on the Vagrant box:

# Execute a script on the box
vagrant ssh -- < script

# Execute a command on the box
vagrant ssh -- 'sudo -su vagrant ip address'

So my question is, what's the best way of running arbitary commands from the host machine? I can do things like vagrant ssh -- 'make' to kick off a build, but that is a lot to type out and I feel like I would be reinventing the wheel here if I start creating aliases for these sorts of things.

I also don't want to create a plugin to add custom commands to vagrant - that really seems like a hassle to do, and the commands I will need are going to vary from project to project.

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