How can I add a 'Customer' input field to my suitelet? See the below image for the input field I am referring to.

enter image description here

I know how to add a standard field, such as a text field to a form:

    id: 'my_select',
    type : ui.FieldType.SELECT,  // Theres no entity fieldtype?
    label : 'Select box'

I hope there is such a thing in SuiteScript. If not, any suggestions of an alternative? My suitelet pretty much does 3 things; it creates a customer (if they don't exist - thus the need for the customer input above), creates a sales order and then creates an Inventory Adjustment. The catalyst is the customer.


You need to add the source parameter and point it to 'customer'. Something like this:

  id: 'custpage_customer',
  type: ui.FieldType.SELECT,
  label: 'Customer',
  source: 'customer'

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