I am facing some problem related to activated routing while using with replaceState. What I am trying to do is that after submitting the form I am replacing the keyId and id in the route URL with the response I am getting.

Let me explain here. Below is my activated route URL:


I have form under this view where I am submitting my form with below method:

onSubmit(userItem: UserItem){ 
     this.userService.saveUser(userItem).subscribe(res => {
     let keyId = res.keyId;
     let id = res.id;

     // tried this but doesn't work
     /* this.router.navigate(["home/screen/user/detail/" + keyId + "/" + id], { replaceUrl: true }) */

     // this one working but seems like temporary fix
     this.location.replaceState("home/screen/user/detail/" + keyId + "/" + id);

Above code replace the route URL with new keyId and id but if I refresh the page it gives an error like can't match any routes. But my requirement is once I refresh the page it should load the changed URL.

I tried router.navigate instead replaceState but it doesn't work as expected. If anyone can help me in this scenario then I'll be very thankful.


Also works in Angular 2+ (i.e. Angular 9)

Did you try this?

import { Location } from '@angular/common';

constructor(private location: Location) { }


The above has been extracted from the following example.

Hope this helps someone :)

Thank you

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You can use below code to make this work :

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