I'm failing to use Buffer as a type, e.g:

function toString(buffer: Buffer) {
  return buffer.toString();


1: function toString(buffer: Buffer) {
                             ^ identifier `Buffer`. Could not resolve name

Try Flow

Am I missing something? I thought it would work out of the box but maybe I need to import some additional definitions? Couldn't find any resources on the subject 😦

(I opened an issue in Flow's repository but thought it might be well suited for StackOverflow)

  • there isn't any Buffer data-type – anand Nov 22 '17 at 9:21
  • @anand it's declared as a class here: github.com/facebook/flow/blob/v0.59.0/lib/node.js#L26 Shouldn't I be able to use it? If not, what should be the type of buffer? – Gabin Nov 22 '17 at 9:24
  • I tested it on my local computer, and it is working fine, could be some issue with the flow try. have you tried on local? – anand Nov 22 '17 at 9:58
  • Also working for v0.54.1 and below, but does not work for above version – anand Nov 22 '17 at 10:02
  • Yes, it's throwing an error on my local machine. But you're right, it seems to work with v0.54.1 so it might be a regression or some changes. Thanks for digging, I'll wait for updates on the GitHub issue and will update this question as well. – Gabin Nov 22 '17 at 10:09

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