my config

linux ubuntu 16.04 64bits
node -v v6.10.3
npm -v 5.5.1

npm ls node-sass /home/myname/Code/myproject
└─┬ laravel-elixir@6.0.0-16
----└─┬ gulp-sass@2.3.2
--------└── node-sass@3.13.1

the error ---------------------------

Starting 'sass'... [14:53:46] 'sass' errored after 91 ms [14:53:46] Error: Node Sass does not yet support your current environment: Linux 64-bit with Unsupported runtime (57) For more information on which environments are supported please see: https://github.com/sass/node-sass/releases/tag/v3.13.1 at module.exports (/home/myname/Code/myproject/node_modules/node-sass/lib/binding.js:13:13) at Object. (/home/myname/Code/myproject/node_modules/node-sass/lib/index.js:14:35) at Module._compile (module.js:635:30) at Object.Module._extensions..js (module.js:646:10) at Module.load (module.js:554:32) at tryModuleLoad (module.js:497:12) at Function.Module._load (module.js:489:3) at Module.require (module.js:579:17) at require (internal/module.js:11:18)

ps: I do (npm rebuild node-sass) and the same problem


possibly duplicate of node-sass environment error.

The fix for me was following. There are 2 things to manage.

  1. If you want to keep the node-sass version as specified in package.json then you will have to play with node and npm version. for me i had to keep specified version let say 3.10.1 so i used node 6.12.3 and npm v3.10.10 and then go to root folder of project and do npm install.

    1. If you are using proper version of node and npm then remove node_modules and again do npm install. this might work or one more thing you can do is npm uninstall --save node-sass and then again do npm install --save node-sass
  • 1
    have a look at link – Sankalp Feb 7 '18 at 5:02
  • Good call m8. Cheers! – forkinspace May 3 '18 at 10:19
  • @Sankalp. Good find. I wish I would have read that ticket before I deleted my node_modules directory and rebuilt it. – Casper Wilkes Feb 8 at 1:18

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