I am trying to merge several polygons together based upon an attribute... I have tried by QGIS' dissolve and merge functions. Both leave behind stray polylines once theyve completed (see pre and post example screenshots below). Im assuming this is a result of the shapefile and a tolerance for line geometry?

Has anyone else had this problem and found something that works?






Best option I have found from looking around for same issue is.

Convert layer to Line (Vector>Geometry Tools>Polygons to Lines) and then convert the new layer "Lines from Polygons" back to Polygons (Vector>Geometry Tools>Lines to Polygons)

Now run v.clean for "Polygons from lines" and choose the cleaning tool "rmarea" and set the Threshold to something that works depending on smallest polygon, I used "0.5"

This cleans out the unwanted line bits - they layer cleaned should be what you are after, but you may end up with all your polygons split into there own feature - (one row for every polygon in attribute table)

Try creating a ID type column to easily sort them back

Original,Polygons to Lines, Lines to Polygons, Cleaned, Removed - Errors


I snapped the vertices and still had a line segment, so I created a new feature that laid over the offending line and made sure two of the new feature's vertices were snapped to the line's two endpoints. Then I merged this new feature to the one with the ghost line segment, and the ghost segment went away.

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