I have prod aws Aurora DB and I want to replicate changes to test mysql DB (schema is same - Aurora is based on mysql) I am using aws DMS for this.

When performing full replication for certain tables the replication works fine, When I want to perform replicate-changes-only, the replication fails. I've set binlog_checksum=NONE and binlog_format=ROW in the parameter group.

The error I am receiving while running is: Last Error The task stopped abnormally Stop Reason RECOVERABLE_ERROR Error Level RECOVERABLE Last Error Task 'task-id' was suspended due to 6 successive unexpected failures Stop Reason FATAL_ERROR Error Level FATAL

Loading a snapshot to the test db isn't an option. I just want to replicate the changes between specific tables.

Thanks in advance.


I am having the same error, it was always stopping 10min after starting. Adding more verbose logs didn't show more information but by changing the task configuration, especially the parameter MaxFullLoadSubTasks.

By default the value is "MaxFullLoadSubTasks": 8,, I changed it to "MaxFullLoadSubTasks": 1,. It is slower but it's working for now. You may be able to increase it a bit to be quicker without having the same error.

You can modify the task configuration by first copying the task json settings you will find under DMS > TASK > overview, then changing the value and saving it to a file and then:

aws dms modify-replication-task --replication-task-arn <TASK_ARN_ID> --replication-task-settings file:///path/to/your/task_config.json

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