I work on accessibility for an ios app.

I use TouchableHightLight on checkboxes.

I need the screen reader of ios, the VoiceOver to know how to announced to the user if a checkbox has been checked or unchecked.

<View style={styles.rememberMeContainer}>
        onPress={() => {props.setRememberMe(!props.rememberMe)}}>
        <Image style={styles.checkBoxImage}
               source={props.rememberMe ?
                    require("../../../images/general/v_icon_purple.png") : null}/>
    <Text accessible={false} style={styles.rememberMeCheckBoxlabelStyle}>

I read: https://facebook.github.io/react-native/docs/accessibility.html , but i don't find anything about it, or I missed something.

How can I do it accessible?

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