I want to find out if there are any restrictions accessing GCP in China.

Is GCP all available to use in China?

If not, why?

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    They have announced the Hong Kong region: cloudplatform.googleblog.com/2017/11/… , but it's still unclear what level of features will be available. Also, might not mean that entire China has low latency access or that you'll be able to open port 80/443 without legal consent. – matanube Nov 23 '17 at 13:19

There are no locations in China at the moment, and it seems Google is quite reluctant to bring GCP to the region (https://cloud.google.com/about/locations/)

Main reasons probably include that servers operating in mainland china have to fulfill a bunch of regulations, which is basically also why even for Operators that have servers in China (e.g. Amazon), infrastructure is completely seperated from servers outside China.

If you want to reach customers in China Mainland, then I'd highly recommend to host in China Mainland, since there is no guarantee that your service will be available at good performance (or even at all) if it's hosted in Hong Kong or Taiwan. Even with Aliyun's own HK servers I've had mixed to bad experience when trying to reach them from Mainland China. You'll need an ICP License to operate in China though.

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    Alibaba ICP was one of the most painful projects I've ever done. It's also slow to host and transfer files in China from outside. Firebase is also blocked – TheBlackBenzKid Apr 11 '19 at 18:15

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