I want to create javadoc with ant from a java source file and just from the dependent classes of this file. These are in a java project, but i don't need javadoc from all the java files. Is there a way to create javadoc like javac

javac includes="package/Java_source.java" destdir="dir/classes"

that compiles the source files and just the dependent classes? If there isn't, then is there another way?

Thanks, Tamas

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Well you can add a fileset and / or a packageset parameter:

Example with a fileset:

    windowtitle="Test API">

    <fileset dir="src">
      <include name="foo/bar/BaseClass.java"/>
      <include name="foo/bar/baz/DependentClassA.java"/>
      <include name="foo/bar/phleem/DependentClassB.java"/>


But you will have to figure out the dependent classes yourself, I'm afraid.


There is no way to find out what the "dependent classes" are without starting the job. The only thing I can think of is a brutal hack:

On the compiled classes, use a byte code analysis tool like ASM and check all classes in the code base for their usage of your given class (source code analyis is not enough because of possible wildcard imports and same-package usage). From the List of used classes, build a list of source files, and pass that to the Javadoc task (probably best to create an Ant task that does all this). But this is heavy stuff.

  • Thanks, but I have at least 200 source files. I'm looking for another way, that automatically collects the depending classes. – Tamas J Jan 20 '11 at 8:35
  • @Tamas see my updated answer – Sean Patrick Floyd Jan 20 '11 at 8:48

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