i have a date with format Y-m-d. How can i filter it by month? I specified the month by numbers like January = 1, February = 2 and so and so forth.

public function scopegetmonthleavereport($query,$payroll_employee_id,$month)

         ->select(DB::raw('tbl_payroll_employee_basic.payroll_employee_id , tbl_payroll_leave_schedulev2.payroll_schedule_leave, tbl_payroll_employee_basic.payroll_employee_display_name, tbl_payroll_leave_schedulev2.payroll_leave_temp_with_pay, tbl_payroll_leave_tempv2.payroll_leave_type_id, tbl_payroll_leave_employee_v2.payroll_leave_employee_id, tbl_payroll_leave_schedulev2.consume, tbl_payroll_leave_employee_v2.payroll_leave_temp_hours, sum(tbl_payroll_leave_schedulev2.consume) as total_leave_consume, (tbl_payroll_leave_employee_v2.payroll_leave_temp_hours - sum(tbl_payroll_leave_schedulev2.consume)) as remaining_leave'))
         ->where('tbl_payroll_leave_employee_v2.payroll_employee_id', $payroll_employee_id)
         ->whereBetween('tbl_payroll_leave_schedulev2.payroll_schedule_leave', $date);  //where i want to put the date

    return $query;
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    god query builders are so ugly but in SQL you do WHERE MONTH(date_field) = :month Reminds me I have to build my ORM with SQL lexer/parser... – ArtisticPhoenix Nov 23 '17 at 5:34
  • @ArtisticPhoenix how can i do it with eloquent in laravel bro? haha – nethkennnnn Nov 23 '17 at 5:41
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    I don't know I don't use Laravel, but that query builder looks like crap to me ( from a readability standpoint ),. I been writing SQL for 7 years, <shrug> – ArtisticPhoenix Nov 23 '17 at 5:43
  • whereMonth I did it using this line haha. Thank you for the clue bro – nethkennnnn Nov 23 '17 at 5:43
  • Sure, I wish I could have told you directly. But i work with the basics, always seem cleaner that way. I mean I get ORMs, I've regretfully used them ( Doctrine ) and I find that they wind up being like a pair of handcuffs for me. – ArtisticPhoenix Nov 23 '17 at 5:45

Try like and regex Inside where, use something like this:

->Where('date', 'like', '%-' .$month. '-%')->get();

I have not tried it.

use Carbon\Carbon;

public function index(){

        //Total Students
         $total_students = User::where('role_id','2')->count();         

        $today = Carbon::today()->toDateTimeString();
          $first_day = date('Y, n, j', strtotime('-1 day', strtotime($today)));
            $second_day = date('Y, n, j', strtotime('-2 day', strtotime($today)));
            $third_day = date('Y, n, j', strtotime('-3 day', strtotime($today)));
            $fourth_day = date('Y, n, j', strtotime('-4 day', strtotime($today)));
            $fifth_day = date('Y, n, j', strtotime('-5 day', strtotime($today)));
            $sixth_day = date('Y, n, j', strtotime('-6 day', strtotime($today)));
            $seventh_day = date('Y, n, j', strtotime('-7 day', strtotime($today)));     

        return view('home',compact('total_students','total_doner','current_day_student','first_day','second_day','third_day','fourth_day','fifth_day'
  • this example will help you – Gowthaman Nov 23 '17 at 5:41

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