I tried to convert strings from lower case to upper case. While I achieved that, I found my double quotes were removed from the output. I want to be clear why the substitution fails here.

Perl code:


use strict;
use warnings;

my @ar = <DATA>;
my $str = join '', @ar;

#print $str;

if ( $str =~ s/\"([^"]*)\"/uc($1)/eg ) {
    print $str;
output = "    as  (10) print "it if achieved. print" # This is comment.NUMBERS"

Obtained output:

output =     AS  (10) PRINT it if achieved. print # THIS IS COMMENT.NUMBERS

Expected output:

output = "    AS  (10) PRINT "it if achieved. print" # THIS IS COMMENT.NUMBERS"

s/\"([^"]*)\"/uc($1)/eg - $1 represents match inside brackets (). You have include double quotes in match to be replaced but outside brackets.

Possible fix: s/(\"[^"]*\")/uc($1)/eg


The quotes are all disappearing because they're outside the capture in your regex. Changing it to s/("[^"]*")/uc($1)/eg gets us your desired output:

output = "    AS  (10) PRINT "it if achieved. print" # THIS IS COMMENT.NUMBERS"

Note that the inner section isn't mapped to all caps. This is a hint to how the regex is actually matching things in your string - it finds two matches: " as (10) print " and " # This is comment.NUMBERS". The text inside the inner quotes isn't matched by the regex at all. This is important, because it means that this solution is fragile and it will break on data which doesn't contain two nested sets of quotes and you want to capitalize only the text which is inside the outer quotes, but outside the inner quotes.

  • it may break also if there is some escaping character like \" – Nahuel Fouilleul Nov 23 '17 at 11:14
  • following regex may handle backslash escaping better s/"(?:\\.|[^"])*"/uc($&)/eg note that using $& instead of $1 allows not using brakets arround match – Nahuel Fouilleul Nov 23 '17 at 11:19

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