I wanted to work on some others repository in GitHub. So, I forked the repo and made a new branch and put a pull request on that branch. Now, the main repository has been updated. And I need to rebase my pull request onto master. I am very new to git and github. I tried different tutorials but not got the point clearly. Can anyone please explain me how to do it?


So you created already a PR (Pull Request) which is good.

Step 1 Make sure you pushed all your changes into that PR so just do those commands if needed again:

git add .
git commit -m 'last changes'
git push origin my-pr-branch

Then leave this as it is. So if you got merge conflicts and stuff that can give you some work you need to solve. So clone the repository again into a different folder and just check there if you can merge. If you can all good. If not you have a copy. So you can do everything locally and before you push it it's just in a directory on your local computer. If you think oh my gosh this is to much work you can jump to Step 3.

Step 2 Create a new directory and clone the repository. Something like

cd ~/Desktop
mkdir test-repo-merge
cd test-repo-merge
git clone bling-bling-bling-repository
cd bling-bling-bling-repository

Step 3 check if you are on the right branch, check out to master branch and just pull again, even though you just cloned it.

git branch -a
git co master
git pull origin master
git fetch origin --prune

Step 4 the fun part

git co my-pr-branch
git rebase -

if no merge conflicts you are good to go with a

git push origin my-pr-branch -f

else yo need to resolve the merge conflicts. The command line will give you advices what you need to do. Just read them carefully.

  • Thank you @caramba. I did what you said. I got comments such as: – LSG Nov 24 '17 at 8:55
  • Sorry for the last comment. Anyway I did what you said. I got Already up-to-date comment for git pull original master command and current branch my-pr-branch is up to date comment for rebase command. It seemed that everything is now updated. Then I updated it to remote my-pr-branch. But I found no update in my repo. I think my-pr-branch has been updated to the master branch of my repo. But I want to update my-pr-branch to the main repo from where I forked my repo. It is some others repo and the main repo has been updated by some one else. I want to update my repo and my pr to the main. – LSG Nov 24 '17 at 9:04
  • Please suggest what to do? – LSG Nov 25 '17 at 15:05

Pull Request is generic to your branch. Pull the latest code, commit any further changes, push it to your branch and re-create a pull request. Your new changes will be updated to your pull request.

Note: If the owner of the repository is going to merge the code, then he/she would definitely have an updated code base before the merge. Think if you really want to do the same as an extra work.

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