When I open a collection, it only displays the first 50 documents rather then all of them. How do I make it so that RoboMongo display all documents in the collection (preferably automatically)?

robomongo result

  • Unrelated to your problem MongoDb company has created a free to use tool to look and manipulate database data. mongodb-compass. – Grégory NEUT Nov 23 '17 at 14:46
  • @GrégoryNEUT that tool doesn't allow you to change the batch size of returned documents, so is not a viable alternative to solve this problem – camslice 16 hours ago
  • @camslice mongodb-compass offers you a full pagination of what's in the collections. So the problem does not apply at all. – Grégory NEUT 10 hours ago

You can change the default batch size:

  • Edit robomongo.json (in ~/.config/robomongo/<version>/ on Linux/MacOS, in c:\Users\YourName\.config\<version>/ on Windows)
  • Change the batchSize attribute, you can choose a value of fixed size (e.g. 100) or choose 0 to mean "all documents" (h/t to @PaulRey though I've had mixed results in using this symbolic, see comments below this question):

      "batchSize" : 100,
  • Save robomongo.json and restart RoboMongo

This allows you to increase the default batch size albeit at the potential cost of waiting longer for results.

More details in the docs.

  • You can set the value 0 which is apparently interprated as "all" documents. It works in the UI. – Paul Rey Nov 23 '17 at 15:55
  • 1
    @PaulRey Thanks, though in an earlier verison of my answer I actually suggested 0 as the symbolic which means: "all documents" and then I tested by setting batchSize: 0 in robomongo.json (on Robomongo 0.9.0-RC3) and got mixed results so I edited my answer to remove that suggestion. – glytching Nov 23 '17 at 15:58
  • 1
    Can confirm this still works on version 1.3.1, however the location and name of the JSON file have changed over time: github.com/Studio3T/robomongo/wiki/Robomongo-Config-File-Guide For v1.3.1 it's: .3T/robo-3t/1.3.1/robo3t.json – camslice 16 hours ago

UPDATE 06 december 2019: The initial solution is not working from the v1.3.1 of Robomongo. If you enter 0, Robomongo will throw an error. See the EDIT 1 for new solution.

There is an input at the upper right which gives you the possiblity to change the number of displayed documents, just under the query. Change it to 0 and press Enter. It'll load all documents.

The input buttons

Even if the 50 reappears after, you have all documents displayed.

EDIT 1: The above seems to be fixed in the newer releases (from v1.3.1).

As suggested by @learnsomemore in the comments, you can add DBQuery.shellBatchSize = 500; before your query to change the returned array size.

This was originaly given in a comment by @davidm06 in the GitHub issue "Aggregate only shows 50 results #1157" from the RoboMongo public repository.

  • 1
    maybe they thought this was a bug and fixed it, it throws an error that it must be greater than 0 in v1.3.1. If i make it more than 50, it still doesn't give me more than 50. – learnsomemore Dec 5 at 17:07
  • I did not test recently, maybe this is fixed! :) – Paul Rey Dec 5 at 17:08
  • I just saw this on their github issues thread. Please update your answer to include this which i tested works. github.com/Studio3T/robomongo/issues/… Just add this above the query DBQuery.shellBatchSize = 500; – learnsomemore Dec 5 at 17:10

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