I need to annotate some label/text containing greek letters on a figure using convert from imagemagick on linux. What is the best option?

Trivial choices such as:

label="α β $ii"
convert in.png -fill black -annotate "$label" out.png

won't work. I am not familiar with font coding options.

One way that works for me in ImageMagick Mac OSX Sierra is to use a Greek font. (The symbol font also works)

label="a b $ii"
convert logo: -font GreekMathSymbols -pointsize 64 -gravity center -fill red -annotate +0+0 "$label" out.png

enter image description here

Alternately, use a UTF-8 compatible text editor and type your text using a font that supports those characters. For example I put your alpha beta one characters into a text file using the same GreekMathSymbols font.

enter image description here


convert logo: -font GreekMathSymbols -pointsize 64 -gravity center -fill red -annotate +0+0 "@greek.txt" out2.png

enter image description here

See also http://www.imagemagick.org/Usage/text/#unicode

  • Thanks, option #1 worked on linux with: -font Symbol – gluuke Nov 24 '17 at 11:45

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