So I am trying to upload the file http://www.ice.csic.es/personal/aldos/Solar_Data_files/nudistr_b16_agss09.dat
into my code.

data= np.genfromtxt('nudistr_b16_agss09.csv',delimiter=',',skip_header=21)
t=data[:,1]  #temperature (10^6 K)
r=data[:,0]    #radius (units of one solar radius)
ne=data[:,2]   #Log base 10 of electron density (cm^{-3}/N_A,N_A is Avogadro number)

However I keep getting the error too many indices for array. I do not understand because I have used this format before and have not run into errors such as these before. What can I do to change it?

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    Try print(data.shape) on the second line to see if the dimensions of data match what you are expecting – Imran Nov 24 '17 at 0:09

It looks like your data file uses newlines (not commas) as delimiters. Try removing the delimiter argument:

data= np.genfromtxt('nudistr_b16_agss09.dat',skip_header=21)
  • That seemed to resolve the issue, thank you so much!! – H.G Nov 24 '17 at 0:20
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    You're welcome! Please accept my answer if it solved the problem. – Imran Nov 24 '17 at 0:23

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