I have to migrate a large database (2300 tables) from SQLSERVER2014 to PostgreSQL 10. The tools I have available are FireDac (FDBatchMove) in Embarcadero Delphi XE7 version is 21.0.17017-3725

I have an issue in my destination DB (Postgres) using the component FDBatchMoveSQLWriter, FDBatchMove is not inserting NULL values in TEXT type columns, empty strings are inserted instead (these values are null in the origin DB table). NULL is not equal to Empty.

There is an option called StrsEmpty2Null, but some tables had a column constraint that restricts NULL values from being inserted in TEXT type fields and using this will behave the opposite way inserting null values in records that originally are meant to be empty strings. So this is not an option in my case as far as I know.

The Potsgres TEXT type columns in tables are default to null in most cases.

Any Help will be much appreciated. Many Thanks in advance.

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