I'm having a problem with cocoapods.

The sandbox is not in sync with the Podfile.lock Run 'pod install' or update your CocoaPods installation.

Although, I tried to remove folder Pods, file Podfile.lock and delete workspace project then opened up the terminal and typed pod install but still error.

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  • I went to tab Build Phases then remove Manifest.lock and back to jenkin server touched Run button my project back to stable. – Cuong Nguyen Nov 24 '17 at 7:11
  • Or u can run command on terminal bundle install – Cuong Nguyen Nov 30 '17 at 5:10

I used these commands to solve the problem.

pod deintegrate
sudo gem install cocoapods-clean
pod clean
# Open the project and delete the “Pods” folder that should be red
pod setup
pod install
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