Is it possible for MyBatis select query to read variable value for Select and Group By commands? If it is possible so how should I put the aggregationKeys variable inside that places? (Look into the code):

@Select({"SELECT #{aggregationKeys}, SUM(value) " +
            "FROM usage_counter WHERE " + /*zrobic mape i pociagnac to tak, ze: (#{zmyslona wartosc} IS NULL OR api_consumer) itd*/
            "(#{apiConsumerIds} IS NULL OR #{apiConsumerIds} like '%,'||api_consumer||',%' ) AND " +
            "(#{serviceIds} IS NULL OR #{serviceIds} like '%,'||service||',%' ) AND " +
            "(#{rateplanIds} IS NULL OR #{rateplanIds} like '%,'||rateplan||',%' ) AND " +
            "(#{dateFrom} IS NULL OR date >= #{dateFrom} ) AND " +
            "(#{dateTo} IS NULL OR date <= #{dateTo} ) AND " +
            "(#{statuses} IS NULL OR #{statuses} like '%,'||counter_status||',%' ) " +
            "GROUP BY ||#{aggregationKeys}||"})
            @Result(property = "date", column = "date"),
            @Result(property = "apiConsumerId", column = "api_consumer"),
            @Result(property = "serviceId", column = "service"),
            @Result(property = "value", column = "value")
    List<AggregatedUsage> getAggregatedUsageCounters(@Param("aggregationKeys") String aggregationKeys, @Param("dateFrom") Date dateFrom, @Param("dateTo") Date dateTo, @Param("apiConsumerIds") String apiConsumerIds, @Param("serviceIds") String serviceIds, @Param("statuses") String statuses);

Edit: Or is it possible to do grouping by in Java streams by two or more values (max 4 in this particular case)?

Second Edit: - ok it is possible but I it makes stream very complicated and I think uneffective.

  • You have to iterate over the aggregationKeys using forEach. Just putting #{aggregationKeys} will not be sufficient. Even Java Streams you can do aggregation this can be done in the collect where there are different Collectors defined to achieve this. Otherwise DB group by is fastest – MohamedSanaulla Nov 24 '17 at 11:56

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