I want to use reduce() javascript method in my node application. My node version is 4.2.6. How can I check if I can use this method without breaking my application.

Thank you.


It is supported.You can check it from http://node.green/#ES2015-built-ins-typed-arrays--TypedArray--prototype-reduce


There are two approaches on how to test javascript methods supporting.

1. Compatibility tables.

For example, this one. Searching for Array methods rows, since the .reduce is a ES5 extension of the Array.prototype, we see that Node 4 supports it well. Node.geen tables also work. So, the particular answer for Node 4.2.6 is yes, it supports Array.prototype.reduce.

2. Manual check.

Also, depends on your needs, you may check it programmatically right in the code:

if (!Array.prototype.reduce) {
  // no .reduce()

This could be useful for example if you want to polyfill missing method manually.

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