I have the latest version of LightGBM installed in my machine running on Windows 10. I pip installed LightGBM via Anaconda Prompt and it is working fine.

I found out about pyLightGBM and I want to use it. I installed it from this github link as mentioned there. But in order to run the code with pyLightGBM the path for exe of LightGBM is needed as per the examples shown in the repo. I have searched all my drives and I am not able to file any exe corresponding to LightGBM. I found some dll and py files of it in my Anaconda folder.

What really is this path.? How can i find it.?


It might be possible, that pip install LightGBM isn't using any exe at all (looks like the official python-wrapper; probably more low-level wrapping and not calling-exe based). This is also indicated by this comment:

The official LightGBM package is faster as it can train from data that are in memory (no need to dump the data to disk before training on it, which I currently do for this package).

If all you need is an lightgbm.exe because pyLightGBM needs it, just go to the release page of LightGBM and grab lightgbm.exe

(Warning: it seems it's marked as pre-release and there are no binaries for other releases; e.g. stable)

(I hope it's going to work, as in these very active ML-times: 1 year without an update sometimes already feels deprecated; but maybe there is just no reason)

  • I want to run GridSearchCV for tuning parameters of lgbm classifier. Any method for that.? – Sreeram TP Nov 24 '17 at 17:18
  • I never used lightgbm. Read their docs. But i interpreted that the sklearn-like wrapper of pyLightGBM is the sole reason you try to use it (so that sklearn's GridSearchCV works; which does according to the author). – sascha Nov 24 '17 at 17:19

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