so this is my first line of code without youtube. once i get down to NQ2 the code play but crashes i tested it by adding a pause after but it wont play the echo, any ideas.

@echo off
color 9f
echo hello Aidan
echo Options :
echo 1) start the game
echo 2) exit
set /p me=

if %me% == 1 goto Q/A
if %me% == 2 exit

echo who likes pina coladas
echo 1) Rupert Holmes
echo 2) Donald Trump
set /p logo=
if %logo% == 1 goto correct
if %logo% == 2 goto incorrect 

echo Yayy GOOD JOB restart(y/n)
set /p asd=

if %asd% == y goto gnv
if %asd% == n goto Next_question

set /p kld=

if %kld% == y goto gnv
if%kld% == n goto next question 2

echo whom better
echo 1) Donald trump
echo 2) Hillary clinton
set /p logo=
if %logo% == 1 goto correct 2
if %logo% == 2 goto incorrect 2

:correct 2
echo congrats you not a demo crap restart (y/n)
set /p asd=
if %asd% == y goto menu
if %asd% == n goto NQ2

:incorrect 2
echo your a democrap kys restart (Y/N)
set /p kld=

if %kld% == y goto menu
if %kld% == n goto NQ2


echo which has more power
echo 1) C4
echo 2) TNT
if %logo% == 1 goto correct 3
if %logo% == 2 goto incorrect 3

:correct 3
echo congrats your correct, c4 has about 1.2 more times the power of TNT Restart (y/n)
if %asd% == goto menu
if %asd% == goto next question 2`enter `
  • for troubleshooting, don't start it with a doubleclick. Open a command window and start it from there (best without the @echo off). You then will see an errormessage (probably echo was unexpected...), followed by the failed line (probably if == 1 goto... (unrelated tip: labels don't support spaces) You forgot a set /p logo=. You may be interested in the choice command. – Stephan Nov 24 '17 at 16:10

Batch labels may not contain spaces, so correct is a label, not correct 4.

  • im a little confused what do you need me to do. is there any way for the correct spacing – DenimJeanes Nov 24 '17 at 17:05
  • Every label must be unique. Labels may not contain spaces, so correct 4 might become correct_4 or correct4 for instance. Attempting to have correct, correct 2 and correct 4 will mean that cmd will see each of these labels as correct so the code will appear to goto the wrong place` – Magoo Nov 24 '17 at 17:19

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