I'm trying to move a view (card) out of screen, when scrolling a ViewPager from page 1 to page 2.
When the card moves up, the viewpager should take up all the new space.
An example: (color coded movement)

movement example

Since I want this to be linked to the current scroll position of the viewpager, I've been trying to do this with PageTransformer.transformPage

pager.setPageTransformer(false, new ViewPager.PageTransformer() {
            public void transformPage(View page, float position) {
                //apparently child 0 is the pager tab strip
                if (pager.getChildAt(1).equals(page)) {
                    //OUT: 0 -> -1 IN: -1 -> 0
                    float offset = card.getHeight() * position;

                    //this works, but is laggy as hell
                    ((ViewGroup.MarginLayoutParams)card.getLayoutParams()).topMargin = Math.round(offset);

As stated, the moving and resizing does work, but is really laggy.
How could I achieve this result and a better (non-laggy) way?

I have been looking into using ValueAnimators, but they do not allow me to link the movement of the viewpager, with the movement of the view.


The smallest amount of code to reproduce the situation, works perfectly fine.
(smaller layout, fragments with just a textview)

I suppose the lagging occurs because one of the fragments inside the viewpager requires heavier work for displaying its UI.

  • Provide a MCVE and you will be helped. – kalabalik Nov 25 '17 at 14:33

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