I can't get working autocompletion on VS Code on Ubuntu 16.04.

I've installed rustup from https://www.rustup.rs/ and installed the "rust-lang.rust" package. This extension installed rustfmt and tried to use both stable and nightly toolchains.

If I type std:: no suggestions are shown. Suggestions show on local mod import but not with the standard library. I tried to reinstall by removing via uninstall.sh and manually removing ~/.multirust and ~/.cargo and then installed again, but nothing changed.

What did I do wrong?


I didn't have the RUST_SRC_PATH variable set. In my VS Code settings, I added

"rust.rustLangSrcPath": "/home/ilya/.rustup/toolchains/**your_toolchain**/lib/rustlib/src/rust/src/"

and it did the job. This option comes from the kalitaalexey.vscode-rust package.

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