I have a flux-grid that looks like this:

        <flux:grid.column name="content" label="Content"/>

It's a wrapper for other content-elements (namely elements of a slider).

Now I need to wrap each of the elements in a <li>-Tag.

So I thought I get the content as an array and render it in an each-loop.

<flux:content.render area="content" as="slides" render="1" />

I thought I'd have the elements in a variable called slides now. But that doesn't seem to be the case. When I use <f:debug>{slides}</f:debug> I get just an empty variable...

Thus, this fails:

<f:for each="{slides}" as="slide">

Just outputting the content like this works, though:

<flux:content.render area="content"/>

What am I doing wrong?


I'm one step further...

<v:variable.set name="contentElements" value="{flux:content.get(area:'content',  render:'FALSE')}" />

Does indeed return an array with the elements.

But when I try to render the elements, they're empty:

<f:for each="{contentElements}" as="contentElement">
    UID: {contentElement.uid}<br />
    <v:content.render contentUids="{0:contentElement.uid}" />

the UID is correctly outputted - the v:content.render fails


Seems like I was just using an old Vhs-Version.

Saw in the Extensions that it had an update (to 4.3.3) and now it's working...

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