I have a data set as follows:

1    Germany      English    Internal
2    Germany      French     Internal
3    France       English    External
4    USA          English    Internal
5    USA          English    External
6    USA          German     External
7    Germany      German     Internal
8    France       French     Internal

With the code below, I am trying to produce a scatter plot, where a filled point displays count for a given Destination and a given Language which is labeled as INTERNAL. While a circle (for example) displays the same, but for EXTERNAL.

The code below seems to be doing this with overlapping a filled point for EXTERNAL count with filled point for INTERNAL COUNT.

I am also unsure if I am doing the scaling correctly.

G1 <- ggplot(Data, aes(x=DESTINATION, y=DEGREE,colour= IMD, group=IMD)) +
      geom_count(mapping = aes(x=Data$DESTINATION, y=Data$LANGUAGE)) +
      scale_size(range = c(1,25))

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