I'm having some troubles with SVN changelists and svn diff. Particularly I want to obtain the change history of a certain list of files for a specified range of revisions. SVN changelists seem like the perfect solution, so my approach was:

  • svn changelist LIST a.txt b.txt d.txt ...
  • svn diff --changelist LIST --revision 2:3

Unfortunately, this includes all files, even those not on the changelist. Using the same syntax without --revision works perfectly well.

I suspect that changelists are designed for the working copy only and aren't considered for history stuff at all. If so, what would the simplest alternative?


According to the SVN book chapter on changelists:

The --changelist option acts only as a filter for Subversion command targets, and will not add targets to an operation

If you substitute the --changelist option for the actual list of files, say a.txt b.txt d.txt ... you get the desired output. I guess the behaviour of the command is to use current working copy directory as the target and then it is simply unable to apply the filter for the changelist.

  • Substituting --changelist is indeed a smart idea, I hadn't considered that. Thanks! – Daniel Stelter Jan 20 '11 at 16:29

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