I'm trying to find some data by the selector with special type and then sort these data by name in a promise:

  index: { fields: ['typ', 'name'] },
  ddoc: "my-index-design-doc"

     return new Promise(resolve => {
        selector: { typ: 'klasse', name: {$ne:1} },
        fields: ['typ', 'name'],
        sort: [ {'name': 'desc'} ],
        use_index: 'my-index-design-doc',
      }).then(function (result) {
        //console.log("Klassen: "+ JSON.stringify(result));

I read https://pouchdb.com/guides/mango-queries.html , but there is no example for different sorting than the selector is. Here https://github.com/nolanlawson/pouchdb-find are some more detailed examples.

The code itself should work now, but I've still two problems:

1: The index is not ready from the beginning, but when I add a .then( ... the promise doesn't work anymore.

2: Sorting by 'typ' works, but when I use 'name' it's not working.

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    Could you add a catch block so the error from the Promise is logged? That would help understand the error. Without a "then" after createIndex it is possible the index is created after the "find" is executed - I am not sure from the code you have posted. – IanC Nov 27 '17 at 9:52
  • I tried several of catch block positions, but there was no other output than this simpel error. When adding a .then I'm getting other errors. I found so far no way to get this working. – bastifix Nov 27 '17 at 21:52
  • From what I read github.com/pouchdb/pouchdb/issues/7207 , one can only sort on the first field listed in your index creation fields. – M. Hays Apr 17 at 19:37
  • ... Sorting by 'typ' works, but when I use 'name' it's not working ... That's how array keys or compound keys work in CouchDB/PouchDB. Take a look at this question and answer. – user3405291 Apr 18 at 2:24

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