Creating simple animations (moving an object) within a single view is easy using the createAnimation function where one can enter top and left properties.

But I am having troubles targeting other UI objects when there are multiple views and target and source are not within the same view.

In this simple example I want the red block to overlap the green one (in a different view). When one clicks on the label, the red block moves down, but does not overlap completely the green block.

enter image description here

getRect() on the green object gives you the position of the green block relative to the parent, brown view object (targetCo.x 20, targetCo.y 9). Now I convert those 2 coordinates applying the convertPointToView function to get the absolute position within the parentView $.index. Those points should be the ones used in the createAnimation function (where the animation should end). But this does not work and there is an offset.

function calcPos(){
    var targetCo = $.targetField.getRect(); //relative to the parent View (brown background)
    console.log("getRect() info targetCo.x " + targetCo.x + " targetCo.y " + targetCo.y);
    console.log("$.targetField " + JSON.stringify($.targetField));
    var point = $.targetField.convertPointToView({
        x: targetCo.x,
        y: targetCo.y
    }, $.index); //relative to where the element is located
    console.log("converted point.x " + point.x + " point.y " + point.y);     //40, 433 from indexView (yellowBackground, why 40? left=20 and width = 80)

function shootingLetter(xA,yA){
    console.log("received coordinates in animation function xA " + xA + " yA " + yA);
    var f = Ti.UI.createAnimation();
    f.left = xA, = yA,
    f.duration = 2000;
    $.checkPoint60.text = xA + "/" + yA;

[INFO] :   getRect() info targetCo.x 20 targetCo.y 9
[INFO] :   $.targetField {"horizontalWrap":true,"visible":true,"touchEnabled":true,"id":"targetField","left":20,"width":80,"backgroundColor":"green","text":"T","height":20}
[INFO] :   leftTarget 20 topTarget undefined
[INFO] :   converted point.x 40 point.y 433
[INFO] :   received coordinates in animation function xA 40 yA 433
[WARN] :   New layout set while view [object checkPoint60] animating: Will relayout after animation.

Why does this not work? How can I center the target/source objects? Or how do I apply properly postlayout if this is the problem?

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