Is it possible to bind a WPF ToggleButton to a pair of ReactiveUI commands?

I'm using the Rx pattern of canceling one observable when the other observable ticks. I would therefore like the toggle ON to trigger the Connect command, and the toggle OFF to trigger the Disconnect command.

Connect = ReactiveCommand
    .CreateFromObservable(() => app.Connection
        outputScheduler: schedulerProvider.MainThread);

Disconnect = ReactiveCommand.Create(
    () => { },


<ToggleButton Name="Toggle" />

View.xaml.cs .. not sure how this should work...

d(this.BindCommand(ViewModel, x => x.Connect, x => x.Toggle));
d(this.BindCommand(ViewModel, x => x.Disconnect, x => x.Toggle));

Any ideas? Many thanks.


When I last had to solve this problem, I ended up using InvokeCommand like this:

d(this.Bind(ViewModel, vm => vm.IsConnected, v => v.Toggle.IsChecked));

    .WhenAnyValue(vm => vm.IsConnected)
    .Where(value => value == true)
    .Select(_ => Unit.Default)
    .WhenAnyValue(vm => vm.IsConnected)
    .Where(value => value == false)
    .Select(_ => Unit.Default)

InvokeCommand passes the value of the observable into the command, so we need to use a Select change the value to a Unit.

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