Simple problem in fact.

I am displaying some Text using sap.m or sap.ui.commons elements.
I cannot access any of them using the arrows (cursors).
I succeed navigating to input fields, rows in table but not Text.

I looked for any help on the net but without success.


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if i grasp the question right, then the desire is to have a click event for sap.m.Text. I.e. a click on a sap.m.Text control triggers a event which leads to a method in the corresponding controller of the view in which the control sits.

sap.m.Text does not feature any click event by standard. instead please use sap.m.Link. sap.m.Link has the press event which is a click event. e.g. in a xml view:

  • Hi,So if I understand you right, I need to insert text as a sap.m.Link element. So it is a trick....and I am trying so many tricks in order to access the text element via cursors.Thank you very much!. Best Regards. Nov 28, 2017 at 5:50

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