I'm trying to set up a TimeOut function in my component. To my understanding, just using setTimeout as you would for the web isn't a proper answer. It would cause timing and leak memory issue.

I've read there is an existing Timers API in react-native.

However, it is not compliant with ES6, i quote :

Keep in mind that if you use ES6 classes for your React components there is no built-in API for mixins. To use TimerMixin with ES6 classes, we recommend react-mixin.

And on react-mixin, we find this message :

Note: mixins are basically dead. Only use this as a migration path for legacy code. Prefer High Order Components.

So my final question is : How do we properly use timers (setTimeOut), with react-native, in 2017 ?

  • Hmm. Used setTimeOut a lot. Never faced any issue yet. – 10101010 Nov 27 '17 at 16:35

Settimeout and setInterval still work in react-native. BUT you have to use it in the right way:

Here is one of many ways to implement a timeout in React that I'm usually used:

export default class Loading extends Component {
  state = {
    timer: null,
    counter: 0

  componentDidMount() {
    let timer = setInterval(this.tick, 1000);

  componentWillUnmount() {

  tick =() => {
      counter: this.state.counter + 1

  render() {
    <div>Loading{"...".substr(0, this.state.counter % 3 + 1)}</div>

With this approach you don't have to worry about memory leak anymore. Just simple and straight forward.

There is an excellent article talking about this; you can refer to it here: https://medium.com/@machadogj/timers-in-react-with-redux-apps-9a5a722162e8

  • I might declare tick() as tick = () => in order to preserve the scope of the React Component. – Juanan Jimenez Oct 30 '18 at 13:47
  • change the code from this.tick to this.tick.bind(this) – Suresh Dec 19 '18 at 9:23
  • 1
    Remove the this. from this.clearInterval(this.state.time), otherwise it will throw an error for me! – Noltibus Jan 15 at 12:28

Timer is not a part of 'react-native' package

  • cd /path_to_your_project
  • install react-timer-mixin package
  • add Timer in .js file
  • setup timer

    npm i react-timer-mixin --save (from console)
    import TimerMixin from 'react-timer-mixin';
    this.interval = setInterval(() => {
        //DO SOMETHING
    }, 5);
  • 1
    Looks pretty outdated imo – Louis Lecocq Nov 28 '17 at 9:46
  • @LouisLecocq, could you explain why? – Alex V Nov 28 '17 at 20:42

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