I would like to write a script which run (from the chrome's binary) its lighthouse's audit with a url given. I didn't manage to find how to do it, but since there is even a chrome extension doing I assume it should be feasible right ?

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Google Lighthouse can be ran using the command line. To run it from the command line, you must first install:

To install the Lighthouse CLI, open a command line and type the following command:

npm install -g lighthouse

To run an audit with Lighthouse, type:

lighthouse https://example.com

By default, Lighthouse writes the report to an HTML file. You can control the output format by passing flags.

You will notice that a Chrome window is opened every time you run Lighthouse. If you don't want a window to be opened, you can run it in headless mode:

lighthouse https://example.com/ --chrome-flags="--headless"

For the complete list of options, type:

lighthouse --help

Take a look at the Lighthouse source code repository for additional documentation and examples.

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    I think you can use it without installing it globally: just create a package.json file in a folder, install lighthouse by running npm install lighthouse and run the commands from within that folder Commented Jun 12, 2019 at 13:42

You can use/test via npx:

npm i npx -g

Then, directly run from your terminal without using a package.json created or installing globally & without opening a chrome browser instance:

npx lighthouse <URL> --only-categories="performance,seo,Accessibility" --chrome-flags="--headless"

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