I have the following gulp task:

gulp.task("stylePipe", function(){

  var postcssPlugins = [
    autoprefixer({browsers: ['last 2 version']}), // autoprefixer
    cssnano() // css minifier

  .pipe(sass().on("error", sass.logError)) // scan for errors
  .pipe(postcss(postcssPlugins)) // runs postcss plugins listed above
  .pipe(rename({ extname: '.min.css' }))
  .pipe(gulp.dest("dist/css")); // compile into dist


gulp.task("styleWatch", ["stylePipe"], browsersync.reload);

gulp.task("watch", function(){

    server: {
      baseDir: "dist/"

  gulp.watch("src/sass/*.scss", ["styleWatch"]);

I want to watch for changes in all the subdirectories listed below

enter image description here

using only the main.scss as src in the gulp.src("src/sass/*.scss") (main.scss is the only file that should be preprocessed whenever there is a change in the subdirectories' files).

How can I accomplish this?


I simply modified

  gulp.watch("src/sass/*.scss", ["styleWatch"]);


  gulp.watch("src/sass/**/*.scss", ["styleWatch"]);

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