I have a e-commerce website with wide variety of products with different units (kg, gm,packets, pieces,box, litre etc ).The uom table that am using have the following schema.

uom_id  uom_abbr    uom_name    uom_denominator uom_parent  status

    1   kg          kilogram    1000              mass        1
    2   l           litre       1000              volume      1
    3   m           meter       1000              length      1
    4   pck         packet      1                 packet      1
    5   box         box         1                 box         1
    6   pc(s)       pieces      1                 pieces      1

Products table have the following schema:

product_id  product_name    product_size    product_price   uom_id   uom_price  etc...

    1       Tomato          500g             5                1        10          ... 
    2       Apple           500g             15               1        30          ....
    3       cornflakes      1 pack           40               4        40          ...

Here there product_price means the price for 500g, uom_price means the price for kilogram.
My problem is related to invoicing products like vegetables and fruits. Because we cant measure the actual weight.

For ex: if someone ordered 3qty of 500g apple (3x500g =1500g), the ordered qty is 1500g. But at the time of invoicing my total product weight is 1460g (40g less because i cant cut products to get exact weight i wanted ).

so i need to change the entire invoice according to this new weight. So kindly tell me what are the changes that i need to be made to get this problem solved?

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