I'm having a problem displaying text in an HTMLEditor that is displayed in a JavaFX Dialog window. See end of message for app code that illustrates the problem.

Objective: Display and edit text in an HTMLEditor that has been set to the content for the dialogPane in a Dialog window.

Problem: The text in the HTMLEditor is invisible. It is there (see "Observations" below), but it cannot be seen.

Test app notes: Both buttons have the same onAction value (actionHandler in the app code). Clicking either button initializes the dialog and dialogEditor before the dialog is displayed. If "Button#1" is clicked the htmlText for dialogEditor is initialized with the htmlText from appHtmlEditor. Clicking Button#2 initializes the dialogEditor with the sampleText value (which appears below the buttons). If the dialog is closed by clicking 'OK' the htmlText value for dialogEditor is returned and set to the htmlText for appHtmlEditor.

Observations: Clicking Button#2 displays the dialog, ... but without the sampleText appearing, although the sampleText is there because if the dialog is closed immediately by clicking the 'OK' button the htmlText from dialogEditor (which - again - is invisible) is returned and set to the htmlText value for appHtmlEditor, which causes that htmlText to change.

The problem clearly has something to do with using HTMLEditor and Dialog together. I've used Dialog in the same way in other contexts without any problem, and the HTMLEditor in the demo app itself also functions properly. But for some reason, using HTMLEditor as a Dialog child as described here isn't working. FWIW, I've tried using a Stage in place of Dialog and the result is the same, which suggests that the problem isn't directly related to Dialog and is due to some incompatibility between HTMLEditor and Window ... but I leave that to others who have forgotten more than I will ever know about this stuff.

public class HtmlEditorDialogTestApp extends Application {

public static void main(String[] args) {

public void start(Stage stage) throws Exception {


private Button button1, button2;
private HBox buttonBox, labelBox;
private Label labelTag;
private Text sampleText;
private Separator separator;
private HTMLEditor appHtmlEditor, dialogEditor;
private Dialog<String> dialog;
private VBox root;

private EventHandler<ActionEvent> actionHandler = e -> {

    // Create and initialize dialogEditor
    if (Objects.isNull(dialogEditor))
        dialogEditor = new HTMLEditor();
    if (e.getSource() == button1)
    else if (e.getSource() == button2)
        throw new RuntimeException("how did this happen?!!");

    // Create and initialize dialog
    if (Objects.isNull(dialog))
        dialog = new Dialog<>();
    dialog.setHeaderText("HTMLEditor Dialog");
    dialog.setResultConverter((buttonType) -> {
        return buttonType.getButtonData() == ButtonData.OK_DONE
             ? dialogEditor.getHtmlText()
             : null;

    // Initialize dialog pane
          .addAll(ButtonType.OK, ButtonType.CANCEL);

    // Display dialog and handle return
    Optional<String> result = dialog.showAndWait();
    if (result.isPresent()) {
        String resultText = result.get().length() > 0
             ? result.get()
             : "empty String (\"\")";
        System.out.println("result text: " + resultText);
        System.out.println("nothing new from dialog editor!");

    // Cleanup
    dialog = null;
    dialogEditor = null;

private HtmlEditorDialogTestApp initializeButtonBoxAndButtons() {
    // Create and initialize buttonBox
    buttonBox = new HBox();

    // Create and initialize textFromEditorButton
    button1 = new Button("Button#1: Open dialog with editor text");

    // Create and initialize textFromLabelButton
    button2 = new Button("Button#2: Open dialog with label text");

    // Add buttons to buttonBox
             .addAll(button1, button2);

    return this;

private HtmlEditorDialogTestApp initializeLabelBox() {
// Create and initialize labelBox, labelTag and sampleText
    labelBox = new HBox();
    labelTag = new Label("Sample text ->      ");
    sampleText = new Text("Explicit text to initialize HTMLEditor in dialog");
            .addAll(labelTag, sampleText);

    return this;

private HtmlEditorDialogTestApp initializeSeparator() {
    separator = new Separator();
    VBox.setMargin(separator, new Insets(10, 0, 10, 0));

    return this;

private HtmlEditorDialogTestApp initializeHtmlEditor() {
    // Create & initialize htmlEditor
    appHtmlEditor = new HTMLEditor();
    appHtmlEditor.setHtmlText("Original text for htmlEditor");

    VBox.setVgrow(appHtmlEditor, Priority.SOMETIMES);

    return this;

private HtmlEditorDialogTestApp initializeRoot() {

    // Create and initialize root
    root = new VBox();
    root.setPadding(new Insets(10, 10, 10, 10));
                  "-fx-border-style: solid inside;" +
                       "-fx-border-width: 2;" +
                       "-fx-border-insets: 5;" +
                       "-fx-border-radius: 5;" +
                       "-fx-border-color: cornflowerblue;");

    // Add children to root

    return this;

private void display(Stage stage) {

    // Create scene and display
    Scene scene = new Scene(root);
    stage.setTitle("HTMLEditor Dialog Application");

Would be grateful for a solution, or if one isn't available (because this is a bug) then maybe a workaround. Thanks!

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  • this app work fine for me. – mr mcwolf Nov 28 '17 at 13:22
  • @mr mcwolf - Thanks, the app should work fine. But more importantly, does the text appear not only in the HTMLEditor in app but also in the HTMLEditor in the dialog? – jfr Nov 28 '17 at 13:38
  • In light of mr mcwolf's comment - and assuming HTMLEditor in the dialog displays text when he runs the app - it may be useful to know that I'm working with Java 9 and Eclipse Oxygen as the IDE. The problem was encountered in the course of updating JavaFX controls created under Java 8, which shouldn't make any difference but maybe it does. – jfr Nov 28 '17 at 13:50
  • I use java 8 and intellij over linux. the app works just as you describe it needs to work. – mr mcwolf Nov 28 '17 at 14:05
  • @mr mcwolf - interesting about java 8 / intellij / Linux, my OS is Windows 10. Still have the java 8 configuration, but needs some update for something unrelated before test can run, that will say whether it's a Java 9 problem. – jfr Nov 28 '17 at 14:33

The problem is most likely a bug. A bug report has been submitted and can be tracked at: http://bugs.java.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=JDK-8192059

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