I have couple of snippets that shared between js, jsx and html files. Now I have the same snippet code in 3 files. Is it possible to create snippet and specify to what files/types it should be applicable?


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Hit cmd + p to access the command bar, then type 'snippets' and select Preferences: Configure User Snippets, then New Global Snippets file. Once you name your file, it will create a global snippets file where you can define snippets that are accessible in any language defined on the scope property.

"Div Tag": {
  "scope": "javascript,javascriptreact,html",
  "prefix": "div",
  "body": "<div>$1</div>",
  "description": "Create a div tag"


Fixed the scope property with the correct language identifiers in response to the comments.

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    The file terminations js,jsx did not work in my case. Instead I used "scope": "javascript,javascriptreact" to get the snippets to work in .js and .jsx files. Check this answer: stackoverflow.com/a/55653650/8182578
    – Syknapse
    Oct 2, 2019 at 10:09

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