I am trying to make my application accessible and I am having a couple of issues with navigating around views which are in an AppBarLayout.

(1) The first issue is that i can only tab around the views in the AppBarLayout. I can not tab/navigate to views outside this AppBarLayout which are in the same layout file as my AppBarLayout.

(2) My second issue is that once focus is on one of the views in the AppBarLayout, the navigation keys (left/right/up/down) do not work and I can only TAB away from the view (SHIFT-TAB doesn't even work)

I have tested using 2 devices and these issues only present on my Nexus 5x Android 8, it is not an issue on my Samsumg Tablet Android 6.0.1. I do not have another device so I do not know if its device or Android or both which presents the issue.

Below is some sample code similar to what I have

<RelativeLayout ...
    <android.support.design.widget.CoordinatorLayout ...

        <android.support.design.widget.AppBarLayout ...
                layout="@layout/top_layout" />

        <RelativeLayout ....

The "top_layout" is as below.

<LinearLayout ....

     <MyCustomView ...

          .... />

Note "MyCustomView" simply extends "LinearLayout"

Tabbing appears to only rotate through the views inside the AppBarLayout, it does not tab to the ActionBar or the ListView below the AppBarLayout.

Once the focus is on "MyCustomView" the navigation keys and SHIFT-TAB do not work and I can only TAB.

From the example code you can see that I have "nextFocusLeft" and "nextFocusRight" set on MyCustomView but left/right navigation keys do nothing.

I have tried setting the "ListView" to focusable and that made no difference (note, views in the list rows are focusable). I have tried adding "nextFocusXXX" on the AppBarLayout to be the list but that has made no difference.

QUESTION: How do you debug such scenarios to find out why the navigation keys are not navigating around.

QUESTION : Are there known issues with AppBarLayout and Android 8 regarding navigation keys.

It is strange that it works on my Samsung (Android 6) device. Therefore I am wondering if something has changed in newer version of Android.

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