I have an SPSS syntax that I use often that has a couple of text strings that occur in several places. Is there a method of assigning the string to a variable in order to avoid changing the string in several locations? (analogous to the "X <-" in R )

x <- "repeated string example"
syntax object 1 = X.
syntax object n = X.

Thank you!

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This is the simplest use for SPSS macro language. For example:

* first you define the macro .
define !MyString () "repeated string example" !enddefine.
define !AnotherString () "ample" !enddefine.

* now you can use it in the syntax as in the following examples.
string SomeStringVar (a30).
compute SomeStringVar = !MyString.
compute MyIndex=char.index(!MyString, !AnotherString).
if someVar=!MyString cond=1.

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