What I am trying to do: I want to simulate 100 different users (username+password combinations) into the same site (that uses an integrated Auth0 login), and each user clicks a button.

What I tried: Using other questions from stackoverflow, I created: - a login.txt file: enter image description here

  • and a "CSV data set config": enter image description here

  • and a "body data" on the login page, where I tried to take the USER and PASS from the text file: enter image description here

The problem: - when I check the Request in the result tree, I can only see the correct username being taken from the login.txt file, but the password field is just ${PASS} and not an actual password: enter image description here


  1. What am I doing wrong, as the password is not loaded from the file?

  2. I have a lot of errors in the result tree, and I think it's because of the Auth0... do you have any guidelines on using it with JMeter?


You variable name you define is PASSWORD and not PASS,

You can call it in your test ${PASSWORD} instead of ${PASS}

Or, in the guideline it states to use ${PASS} so you can change in CSV Data Set Config the Variable Names to USER,PASS

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