I wonder if I can test landscape view using simulator?

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Under the Hardware Menu you will find the rotation items which correspond to CMD+Left and CMD+Right

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    When I do this, the simulator rotates, but the content doesn't adjust for the new orientation. I'm running iOS Simulator 5.0 (272), part of xCode 4.2 Build 4C100 under Snow Leopard, running in a VirtualBox (v.4.1.4r74291) under Windows 7. – Ben Nov 6 '11 at 6:03

In the Hardware menu, there is an option to change the orientation. Also, Cmd-Left and Cmd-Right will rotate the virtual phone.

  • Setting simulator orientation in IDE

The above (hardware->device) is a solution for rotating the simulator only once the simulator is launched ,but there should be also an option in your IDE to define the orientation of the simulator.

If you are using JDeveloper IDE the go to

Application --> Deploy --> New Deployment Profile --> select Profile Type(iOS) --> iOS Options --> Device Orientations. IDE Device orientations. There you can mention which orientation you need by default, either landscape or portrait.

  • Short cut key for switching Orientations

Press command key and press left arrow / right arrow. This would switch between the landscape and portrait views you require.

I hope this might help your query.

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