PK analyzer in Hybris HAC is blocked for a reason. Is there another way by which I can determine to which item this PK belongs to ?

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try to use HMC:



The PK has a specific structure. Encoded in the PK is the typecode. Using the typecode you can specify the itemtype. With the itemtype you can search in the right place in your backoffice/hmc.

The typecode consists of the last 15 digits in the binary representation of the PK.

PK: 8798395039745

Binary: 10000000000010001001001101100000000000000001

Last 15 Digits: 000000000000001

Typecode: 1

Now search for the type with typecode 1 -> Product. Finally search for a product with the PK.

See structure here: https://help.hybris.com/6.5.0/hcd/8c2d4abd866910149207b2f33deaf652.html https://wiki.hybris.com/display/release5/Primary+Keys

  • Nice piece of advice mate ! I'll pick a note. Cheers – Pradip Rahul Dec 12 '17 at 9:34

If you have access to run FlexibleSearchQuery, you can still identify PK

Try this

select {composedType.code} from {Item as item}, {ComposedType as composedType} where {item.itemtype}={composedType.pk} and {item.pk}=?PK

replace ?pk with the value which you want to analyse.


Get Model with PK using Groovy Script

import de.hybris.platform.core.PK;
def a=spring.getBean("modelService")
println a.get(PK.parse("8796093057016"))
  • I need to make some amends to the script. But thats a nice idea too. – Pradip Rahul Dec 12 '17 at 9:36

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