While installing Oracle 12c Forms & Reports: setup_fmw_12. file, got installation error: self-extraction to C:...... .tmp failed

How can I successfully install the Oracle Forms Reports? I already have installed the weblogic infrastructure. enter image description here


It is solved now. The solution is do not unzip setup_fmw_12. file and keep it together with the first exe file, setup_fmw_12. Run the exe in admin mode.


What does the log file say the reason was? First two reasons that come to mind are Disk Space or File Write Permissions.

Open this file in a text editor and let us know what it says: C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\OraInstall2017-11-30_05-11-55PM\launcher2017-11-30_05-11-55PM.log


In Winddows 7 and 8 works fine if you change the version fmw_12. for setup_fmw_12.

Unzip the file and run as administrator.

Note: You have to have jdk, but you can use jre-10.0.2_windows-x64_bin that already contains jdk-8u181-windows-x64.


I've been having this problem. It turned out the file I was opening had a modified name (I have downloaded it second time and it had a " (2)" at the end). When I renamed it and opened as administrator, it worked.


The zip file of Disk 2, should be placed in the same location of Disk 1 executable setup_fmw_12., and run as admin. It worked for me in Windows 7

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