I have a code that works with Thread in python, but I wanna switch to Process as if I have understood well that will give me a speed-up. Here there is the code with Thread:

threads.append(Thread(target=getId, args=(my_queue, read)))
threads.append(Thread(target=getLatitude, args=(my_queue, read)))

The code works putting the return in the Queue and after a join on the threads list, I can retrieve the results. Changing the code and the import statement my code now is like that:

threads.append(Process(target=getId, args=(my_queue, read)))
threads.append(Process(target=getLatitude, args=(my_queue, read)))

However it does not execute anything and the Queue is empty, with the Thread the Queue is not empty so I think it is related to Process. I have read answers in which the Process class does not work on Windows is it true, or there is a way to make it work (adding freeze_support() does not help)? In the negative case, multithreading on windows is actually executed in parallel on different cores?


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EDIT: To add some details: the code with Process is actually working on centOS.

EDIT2: add a simplified version of my code with processes, code tested on centOS

import pandas as pd
from multiprocessing import Process, freeze_support
from multiprocessing import Queue

#%% Global variables

datasets = []

latitude = []

def fun(key, job):
    global latitude
    if(key == 'LAT'):

def getLatitude(out_queue, skip = None):
    latDict = {'LAT' : latitude}

n = pd.read_csv("my.csv", sep =',', header = None).shape[0]
print("Number of baboon:" + str(n))

read = []

for i in range(0,n):
    threads = []
    my_queue = Queue()
    threads.append(Process(target=getLatitude, args=(my_queue, read)))

    for t in threads:
        freeze_support() # try both with and without this line

    for t in threads:

    while not my_queue.empty():
            job = my_queue.get()
            key = list(job.keys())


Per the [documentation], you need the following after the function definitions. When Python creates the subprocesses, they import your script so the code that runs at the global level will be run multiple times. You only want it to run in the main thread:

if __name__ == '__main__':
    n = pd.read_csv("my.csv", sep =',', header = None).shape[0]

p # etc. Indent rest of code under this if.

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