I am working on a C/C++ project and have installed eclipse Oxygen CDT. My code uses some macros which are provided at run time using the -D tag of gcc. So I defined them under Project Properties >> C/C++ General >> Paths and Symbols >> Symbols.

In the code somewhere I have written:

char *address = DEFAULT_SETUP;

In the Symbols, I have defined DEFAULT_SETUP with a value PREFIX/etc/PROJECT, where PREFIX in-turn is valued as /usr/local and PROJECT has value FirstC.

Whenever I put my cursor on DEFAULT_SETUP and press CMD+# to see the macro expansion, I get the desired value as /usr/local/etc/FirstC but without quotes and thus the IDE cries and shows syntax error.

Now if I put quotes on the value of DEFAULT_SETUP as "PREFIX/etc/PROJECT" and expand the macro, I get the value as it is without the value of PREFIX and PROJECT replaced.

I also tried putting ${xx} which expands the string but surround it like ${/usr/local/etc/FirstC}.

I am getting frustrated as this is my first C/C++ project in Linux environment. Help will be really appreciated.

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